Cash Rewards
for Shopping Local.

Earn points on purchases at local shops around you. Ribitt points become dollars that you can redeem at any local shop.


Be Local.

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Living Local Is Now More Rewarding


Earn Everywhere

Whether its your morning coffee, afternoon lunches or weekend shopping sprees, earn points on every purchase at local shops in your neighbourhood.

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Redeem Anywhere

Have a pair of shoes you really want? Want to try that new fusion cuisine? Once you reach a rewards level, those points will become a dollar amount that can be spent at any of our local shops.


Collect Points Every Step Of The Way

Whether you are paying for a purchase, saving on a deal or sharing a gift card, living local just became more rewarding



Pay for purchases

Walk into any local shop and pay for your purchase through the app.


Save on a deal

Grab exclusive deals from local shops
and save big time.

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Share a gift card

Send someone an e-gift card from a local shop, or get them a Ribitt gift card that can be used at their shop of choice.


Are you a local business?


Local businesses are unique to every neighbourhood. Let your uniqueness shine. If you are a local business, increase loyalty by coming together with other local businesses on Ribitt.

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