Our Story

When neighbourhood shops come together, it is rewarding for everyone.

What started of as a university $5 Challenge has quickly turned into a simple way for people to shop local and get rewarded for it! Co-founders, Sana and Ribat, had $5 and 5 days to build a business. With minimal time and resources, they took their passion for local and turned it into an innovative idea. As a result, the pair broke national records and together, founded Ribitt.

Today, Ribitt is rapidly growing and making the experience of shopping local even more rewarding.


Why we do what we do  

We love local and collecting points - so we combined the two!

For too long, large box stores have been championing reward programs- leaving out our favourite mom and pop shops. We recognize that these independent shops are what brings personality and culture to our neighbourhoods. So, we decided to create a single platform exclusive to independent shops that rewards people for shopping local.

Ribitt makes every local purchase count. Each purchase you make adds up to cash value that is redeemable at any local shop for anything you want.

Shop local. Earn points. Redeem anywhere.

Be local with us.