Frequently Asked Questions

Last Updated April 30, 2019

This frequently asked question list (FAQ) sets out information relevant to your use of the App. It is incorporated into, and is part of, our Terms of Use. The answers to the questions below may be updated from time to time. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us to clarify anything in this FAQ, by emailing us at

How Do I Set Up My Ribitt Account?

Download the App (found on Apple App Store and Google Play stores). Provide a valid phone number and email address and create a password. Link a credit card or debit that’s MC or Visa enabled (Visa, Mastercard or American Express credit card) to your account.

Where Is My Information Held?

Your credit card information is not stored or processed by us. That information was transferred directly to Stripe when you first set up your card over the App.

How Is My Information Used?

Please see our Privacy Policy.

How Does One Earn Points?

  1. By Making Purchases at the Point of Sale at a Merchant
    At the point of sale, you pay with the Ribitt app to collect points on everyday purchases at participating merchants. Upon successful payment, you’ll be issued a receipt. Congratulations! You just earned points (e.g. 10 points for each dollar you spent, - rounded up (i.e. If you spend $1.49, you’ll earn 10 points. If you spend $1.50 - $2.49, you’ll earn 20 points)). These points do not expire.

  2. Though Referrals or Promo Codes
    If you sign up through a referral code with us, you will be rewarded 5,000 points. If you do not make a purchase with the app within 14 days of receiving these referral points, they will expire.

  3. By Acting on Promotional Bonus Offers
    We execute special promotions from time to time allowing you to earn additional points for purchases made according to certain requirements.

  4. Subject to Exceptions 
    Points are earnable for all goods and services that a merchant sells, except for (i) items which are by definition like cash (or actual cash back on your purchase), and (ii) other products or services that we may specify from time to time and where prohibited by law.

    If a merchant is not enrolled as a participant, you cannot earn points at such merchant.

How Do I Use Points?

Points can be used to reduce the amount of money that is charged to your credit card – if you make a purchase and apply a certain number of points (see the Value in the table below), the price charged to you is automatically reduced by the Value amount for the applicable Reward Tier (i.e. if you apply 5,000 points, your credit card will be charged $5 less than otherwise; if you apply 15,000 points, you’ll save $25). The App informs you of the reduced price accordingly as you apply the points.


Are Points Collected If I Pay For Purchase Partly With My Credit Card?

Yes. Points are collected for all purchases made, even in part, with a credit card.

For instance, if a $100 purchase is made by you, applying 15,000 points and getting a $25 reduction in fees to your credit card, you will earn 750 points for the $75 charged to your credit card.

In another case, you may have a gift card for $25 and also be applying the 15,000 points. As such, for a $100 item purchased, you’ll have $25 deducted from a gift card and $25 from the Ribitt points. You will earn 500 points for the $50 charged to your credit card.

Points are not earned on the portion of a transaction that is being paid for when redeeming points.

What If Something I Want To Buy Costs Less Than The Value Of The Tier Of Points I Am Applying?

The minimum purchase value to apply your points is $5. If your purchase value is $30, you can apply any of the redeemable levels up to $25.

Do I Have To Use My Points During A Certain Period Of Time?

It depends.

Points earned from your purchases at a merchant will not expire. However, we reserve the right to close your Ribitt account in the event that you do not make any purchases or redeem points using the App in a 2 year period. In the event that your Ribitt account is closed, your points will be forfeited.

Points that you receive based on a Referral or Promotion may expire. We will inform you of the expiry date for such points but if you don’t utilize the points before they expire, we can’t be held liable.

What If I Lose My Credit Card Which Is Linked To My App?

You will be able to continue to use the credit card to make purchases until you call the card provider and either suspend or deactivate the card, or change the card you have linked to your Ribitt account.

Can I Have Multiple Credit Cards Linked To My App?

No, you can only have 1 card linked to your account at one time.

Can Someone Else Use My Ribitt Membership Number To Get Me Points Or Vice Versa?

Only you can use your App to earn your points since it is linked to your phone.  

Can My App Work On Multiple Phones?

Yes, as long as you’re logged in with your account.  

Can The Same Credit Card Be Used for the Purposes of Different Ribitt Accounts (i.e. By A Couple or A Family)?

Yes, but the points are awarded to each account and don’t add up. Something you’ll be able to do in the future.

Does Ribitt Detect Fraud?

We have a 2 step authentication process so once a membership number is given the user must accept the prompt before a payment gets processed. We use Stripe as our Payment Processor and if something seems fraudulent it will get flagged.

What If A Merchant Refuses To Accept Ribitt?

A merchant should only refuse to accept a purchase if a Merchant is having technical issues or if a merchant is not yet enrolled in our program.

Does Apple Pay Or Other Payment Methods Also Link To Ribitt?

No. As of yet, only credit card payments are linked to the collection of Ribitt points.


How Quickly Is My Points Total Updated After A Purchase Through The App?

You can find your current number of points on the “Rewards” tab of the App.  Our records of the number of points earned, redeemed, or deducted, as set out in the App is the only record will be updated

The total number of points you have in your account are updated immediately after a transaction at an applicable merchant, including after a purchase is made by you at a Merchant, even in cases where you utilize points to pay for part or all of a purchase.

What If My Membership Number Isn’t Accepted By A Merchant Which Accepts Ribitt?

Contact us at This would be an exceptional circumstance and we’ll do our best to sort it out fast.

What’s The Effect Of Refunding An Item I Purchased Using The App?

The points you earned from the purchased item will be reduced proportionately when you return the item to the merchant. If you had used points to pay for all or part of the purchase price of the returned item, those points returned to your account.

Can I Buy Points For My Own Use?


Can I Send Someone Ribitt Points As A Gift?

You can send money to other Ribitt users and individuals for use on the App. The recipient of your gift card will receive a text message from Ribitt letting them know that you have sent them the Gift Card.

Can I Trade Points With Someone For Something Else Or Convert Them Into Other Reward Points For A Different Loyalty Program?