Our story

When neighbourhood shops come together, it is rewarding for everyone.

What started off as a university $5 Challenge has quickly turned into a simple way for people to shop local and get rewarded for it! Cofounders, Sana and Ribat, had $5 and 5 days to build a business. With minimal time and resources, they took their passion for local and turned it into an innovative idea. The pair broke national records and together, founded Ribitt. Read the backstory on their Medium post here.


Why we do what we do  

It’s our mission to keep local at the heart of commerce. Local shops are run by our friends, family and neighbours. They make our neighbourhoods - our home. That’s why we built Ribitt. To bring these shops together and connect them with you, so you can shop and experience local gems around the city and get rewarded for it.

From shops you already love to those waiting to be discovered, hop on and be rewarded at 100’s of neighbourhood favourites.We know it’s been said before but it’s true - every time you shop local an actual human does a happy dance!


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